Our Mission

Our core mission has always been to create stylish and functional products that will provide practical and useful features for our clientele.  But we are adding another core value that is important and necessary in today’s world, and that is to also be a sustainable brand.

Fast fashion continues to negatively impact our environment, and it has done so for years.  We don’t want to be another contributor to the surmounting amount of waste and pollution produced by the fashion industry.

We are continuously sourcing environmentally-friendly materials and recycled packaging and we are working closely with local factories to figure out ways of how we can be efficient during production and keep waste to a minimum.

Our aim is to work with suppliers and manufacturers who have the same values we have – providing quality products, ensuring sustainable practices, and are committed to quality craftsmanship.

100% made in the USA.  Each piece is meticulously crafted by hand to ensure its durability and longevity.  We aim to have our products be a fashion staple and a must have in your wardrobe.

Located in Los Angeles, we locally manufacture our products in small batches to ensure quality, minimize waste, and limit our global footprint.