Striving Everyday For A Better Future

A new sustainable brand that not only designs each piece with fashion and function in mind but uses sustainable materials to help promote better products for the community and the environment.

Our Story

The idea of Miventi started from a need to solve a repeating problem. When Michelle Rico, Founder and Designer, wanted to go for a night on the town, she always found herself having to figure out how to carry her essentials without having to carry her big and cumbersome bag. She looked and looked for a product that would solve this dilemma but all she found was either a product that was functional but was not stylish or vice versa.  So, she decided to take matters in her own hands.

It took her a couple of years of research and development, learning the process of designing, figuring out how and where to source materials, developing relationships with suppliers and manufacturers, testing out the prototypes, etc. Eventually, she was able to launch her new wristlet design out in the market and was even featured in the Today show with Kathie Lee and Hoda.

But even with this brief success, she soon realized she still had a lot to learn about starting her own business and so, she decided to put things on hold knowing one day she will be back at it, stronger and wiser.

Fast forward to 10 years later when the world was at a pause and Michelle found herself with plenty of time to start focusing her energy back on Miventi once again. This time around, she knew she needed to add another important component to her business motto of combining functionality and style. And that is the commitment to also be mindful of our impact on the environment and community.

The re-launch of Miventi is a testament that one must pursue one’s life purpose, and Michelle is passionate about creating one-of-a-kind products designed to be both functional and stylish while also making sure Miventi is not contributing to the fast fashion mentality. Instead, we are committed to be a part of a small but growing number of brands who care about our planet, and who are striving each and every day for a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.